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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Dunn Deal: Michael Dunn Gets Attempted 2nd Degree Murder

On Saturday, a Jacksonville, FL jury found Michael Dunn guilty of three counts of attempted second degree murder & a count of firing into an occupied car, in the death of Jordan Davis, after a dispute over loud music from he and his companions vehicle.

Lurking not too far beneath the surface ( for some ) was whether a White man could be punished for killing a young Black man under a thin set of  circumstances to say the least!

The " Every White Man Is Out To Kill Blacks! " constituency won't be pleased with anything less than summary execution, but they're a notoriously hard crowd to please.

More moderate observers won't be too pleased either and will ask why first degree murder wasn't the jury's conclusion? The declared mistrial on this count is this is sure to be hotly debated for some time to come.

The US Justice Department may want to put its hotline operators on overtime because a lot of calls will likely be inbound. 

I wonder whether the flames of this tragedy will be fanned into another racially divisive media conflagration ala' the Trayvon Martin case?

One element of the Dunn case I pondered was how these episodes of lethal, random violence barely rate 30 seconds on air or much print space when assailant and victim are both Black.

While carnivorous daily homicide & violence shouldn't take a back seat to occasional outside assailants, American Blacks should ask would so much attention have been paid were the defendant Black?

While this phase of the case is a done deal, the larger issue of our daily attrition rate still demands center stage.  

On a related note, as a citizen on patrol in high crime areas for 20 years, I know being a private citizen using deadly force can easily lead to imprisonment.

Regardless of your color, you'd better make sure your actions exceed the letter of the law, with ample evidence to support you.

Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black The Hood Conservative is an anti crime activist in New Orleans.

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  1. We may not like the out come of this case, but, under normal situations of crime and mayhem it works and whites on black crime that does not get sensationalized do get convicted for their crimes against American Blacks. I'm just glad he got convicted of something.